Anatomic Surgical Pathology

West Coast Pathology Laboratories offers a comprehensive Anatomic Pathology program focused on accurate and timely diagnoses, disease management and prevention for a variety of specialties including gynecology, otolaryngology, dermatology, gastrointestinal disease,
urology, and women’s health diagnostic services. Our board-certified university trained pathologists offer a high level of medical expertise, diagnostic quality and personal service, to assist physicians in enhancing their standard of patient care and fulfilling the needs of their practices. West Coast Pathology Laboratories is directly affiliated with Histopathology Reference Laboratory.

This latter support laboratory offers a wide variety of Immunohistochemistry markers as well as conventional histochemical stains for enhanced diagnostic accuracy. Specialty stains for p16 proteins, Ki67, CK 5/6, Ecadherin, lymphoma stains, prostate carcinoma stains, as well as a panoply of melanoma markers are just a few of the stains available through our affiliate histopathology lab. In addition, WCPL offers proprietary stains to podiatrists for the rapid detection of onychomycosis.

Virtually all anatomic pathology reports are processed, evaluated, completed and released within 24 hours of receipt into our laboratory. These reports are available to our clients online immediately and/or faxed directly to client offices, transmitted via EMR or via WCPL’s remote printing system.