Billing FAQ

Q. Why did I receive a bill from West Coast Pathology Laboratories?
A.  Your physician has chosen West Coast Pathology Laboratories to process samples obtained at your recent doctor’s appointment.

Q. Who is responsible for paying for anatomical testing?
A. Ultimately, it is the patient’s responsibility to pay for testing.

Q. Who bills my commercial insurance for pathology services rendered?
A.  We at WCPL will process an insurance claim on your behalf.

Q. What about claims to Medicare?
A.  We at WCPL will process a claim for Medicare on your behalf. If you have secondary insurance then we can also file a claim with them.

Q. What about other insurance plans?
A.  West Coast Pathology Laboratories has contracts with many insurance companies. If your insurance provider is not on our list of contracts, we can still file a claim on your behalf. However, there is no guarantee they will pay the full amount. The patient will be responsible for any unpaid balances.

Q. Why didn’t my insurance cover the entire amount?
A.  Every insurance provider has different policies. It is important to verify coverage for pathology services. The patient will be responsible for the unpaid balance. If you believe that your insurance company has erred with your claim, then please call our Billing Department at 1-800-794-9737.

Q. How will West Coast Pathology Laboratories inform me of the status of my account?
A. West Coast Pathology Laboratories will send out an activity statement once we have processed your specimen. You will also receive a statement from us once your claim has been processed.

Q. Why could I receive two bills after a single visit to my doctor?
A. Your physician’s office will bill you for their services. Then the second bill will come from West Coast Pathology Laboratories for the pathology services provided. Please remember that your physician’s fee is separate from your pathology fee. You as a patient are responsible for paying both of these bills.

Q. Who do I contact if my billing issues are not resolved?
A. You can call 1-800-794-9737 and ask to speak to the billing department or client services. Billing Department hours are TUESDAYTHURSDAY, 9:00 am-3:00 pm PST .