At West Coast Pathology Laboratories, our team of pathologists and cytotechnologists process specimens and pathology reports for clients across the nation. Our University trained pathologists are board certified with over 30 years of experience.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive menu of routine and specialty laboratory tests and services. Our modern, environmentally friendly laboratory facilities enable us to offer the convenience in utilizing one laboratory for all diagnostic testing needs. We specialize in a full range of services highlighted below. Please click on the respective link below to learn about the specific services within each field.

West Coast Pathology Laboratories One Sample – Multiple Assays

West Coast Pathology Laboratories offers multiple assays from one liquid based fixative. The menu includes the following tests: Liquid Based Pap Test, using (ThinPrep® or SurePath™), HPV Detection, HPV Genotyping, Chlamydia, Gonococcus, Herpes Simplex I, Herpes Simplex II, Urea/Mycoplasma,  Vaginal inflammation Panel, Yeast Panel and 3q-26 Gain.

Molecular DNA Testing  & Women’s Health

Non-Gynecological Cytology

Anatomic Surgical Pathology

Insurance Contracts

West Coast Pathology Laboratories is contracted with a plethora of insurance carriers, including Medicare and Medi-Cal. Please have a look at our full list of current insurance contracts.

Pricing and Additional Services

  • Our fee schedule is highly competitive, reflective of the current Medicare pricing structure.
  • Non-cytology specimens are examined, interpreted and reported by a pathologist within 24 hours of specimen receipt.
  • Reports and digital images are available via the Internet EMR, fax, WCPL’s remote printing system, and/or US mail.
  • Telephone consultation services are available at all times.
  • Automatic HPV reflex tests on all ASCUS cases, when requested.
  • Telephone notification of all significant abnormal results.
  • Monthly Pap test statistics/correlation and other mandated requirements provided free of charge.
  • Complimentary pick-up and delivery of specimens  and supplies respectively anywhere in the United States.
  • Complimentary billing of Medicare and all other insurance carriers.
  • Computer systems integration/interfacing as per customer needs.
  • On-line supplies ordering facility.
  • On-line requisition forms.